Duluth WorkForce Center

Carpenter’s Training Gets Students Ready to be Apprentices

OSHA Safety training conducted before three weeks of hands-on skills training.

DULUTH, Minn.- Northlanders interested in getting into carpentry attended a class at the Duluth Workforce Development building Monday. The class focused on the OSHA safety guidelines, before students start the hands on portion of the training next week. This comes as carpentry and trade jobs are experiencing a shortage in labor, so instructors say to get apprenticed for an important…

Duluth WorkForce Center Gets a New Name

The WorkForce Center is now know as Career Force

DULUTH, Minn.- Same place, new face. The Duluth WorkForce Center is now know as Career Force. The change is part of a transition for Minnesota’s entire workforce system, bringing multiple partners under the same brand. Career Force will still offer the same amount of services to career seekers while hoping to continue to make sure the economy stays thriving. Elena…