Dwight Nelson

‘What Memorial Day is Really All About’: Northlanders Honor Veterans, Fallen Troops Sunday

"Really good to see the people here, to know that there are people that are very caring about remembering, what Memorial Day is really all about," Brad Bennett said.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Sunday the Northland observed what many call “traditional Memorial Day” to honor those who gave their lives in war, at the Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Lakewalk. “136 names on our wall, of local veterans, or not veterans because they’re still in uniform,” said Dwight Nelson, Secretary of the Northland Vietnam Veterans Association. The nearly 30-year…

Beach House Opens on Park Point

A sign that summer is near

DULUTH, Minn.- There’s a sign of summer right around the corner as the Park Point Beach House has opened for the season. With the warm weather we had Tuesday, some folks spent today at the beach. We came across one beach-goer today who spent thirty years working for the City’s Public Works Department. It turns out, he played a major…