Election Day

Voters Turnout in Superior for Election Day

Local and Supreme Court elections bring out community.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Multiple seats are up for grabs in Superior and across Wisconsin on Election Day. Three different council seats are being contested in Superior, and Mayor Jim Paine is running unopposed. Attendants at the polling station at WITC, say they didn’t see huge lines of voters, but the people voting are driven by the local elections, and one particular statewide race….

Wisconsinites Head To The Polls To Deliver Their Verdict On The Midterms

Election Day In Wisconsin Brings Quick Lines With Numerous Volunteers Helping

SUPERIOR, Wisc. — The race is on to the polls! The main concern for Wisconsin polling places are to keep the lines short to increase voter turnout. Superior election officials are dividing the tasks of election registrations at breakneck speed as numerous volunteers are helping out. The Chief Inspector in Douglas County Pamela Brokaw said, “It’s been very busy, there’s been…

UMD Helps First Time Voters Get To The Polls

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group Helps Students With Voting Process

DULUTH, Minn. — Students at U.M.D. are trying to make the voting process for many first time voters, go smoothly! The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group set up a table right in Kirby Student Center, with one intention, to inform as many students as possible on where and how to vote. With laptops to register to vote on the spot,…

Local Voters Head To The Polls On Election Day

The Future of the Duluth City Council and School Board Will Be Decided

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s the first Tuesday of November and it’s also Election Day. Polling stations in Duluth were open until 8 p.m. for voters to cast ballots. We stopped by one Duluth church where 103 people had already voted by the early afternoon. Election judges here tells us they’ve mostly seen mothers, the elderly and young voters. They also…