City Seeing More In-Person Voters

DULUTH, Minn. — With 30% of voter turnout staff with the city say this is a similar election to 2017 with the slate of positions on the ballot. The Duluth city administrator says, more people are getting out to vote in-person. This after last year saw a boost in early and absentee ballot votes. These hyperlocal elections are what can…

City Leaders Hoping for Larger Voter Turnout in Municipal Primary

The municipal primary will be held Tuesday, August 10th.

DULUTH, Minn. — Duluth’s municipal primary is just a few weeks away and city leaders are pushing for a larger turnout. The city council at large, city council second district and city council fourth district seats are up for grabs come November. With early voting now open at city hall, officials say in a comparable election back in 2017, they…

My Pillow CEO Banned from Twitter

It was not immediately clear which posts by Lindell on Twitter triggered the suspension of his account.

(AP) – Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s account after he continually perpetuated the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 U.S. presidential election. A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement that it decided to ban Lindell, who founded bedding company My Pillow, due to “repeated violations” of its civic integrity policy. The policy was implemented…

Year In Review Part Four

DULUTH, Minn. – FOX 21 Local News is taking a look back at the top stories that made headlines in 2020. Here are some of those stories from October, November and December. Categories: Community, Crime, Education, Minnesota, News Tags: Bentleyville, biden, crime, duluth, Election, shooting, Trump, year in review

Local Political Experts Weigh-In on Declared Biden Win, What Comes Next

Both experts say the high nationwide voter turnout and youth voter turnout were the biggest takeaways of this year's election. 

DULUTH, Minn.- Local political experts from universities in the Northland weighed in Saturday on what comes next for President-Elect Joe Biden, and for President Donald Trump. On President Trump’s next moves Dr. Cindy Rugeley of UMD, a featured political analyst on FOX 21, said the nation should allow him the chance to contest the outcome in court. “I think that…

U.S., Wisconsin Supreme Courts Rule Against Evers; Election Day Stands

The Governor's attempts to change or postpone the election have been blocked on all fronts.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- After going through three changes in the span of one day, Wisconsin Elections will carry on as normal. Rulings from both the Wisconsin and U.S. Supreme Courts now make Wisconsin the only state with an election scheduled in April that is proceeding as planned. Governor Tony Evers signed an Executive Order early Monday postponing the election to June….

Narrow Divide in Senate Raises Stakes in Special Election

Voters in northern Minnesota take part in a special Senate election Tuesday with a little more at stake than usual.

ST. PAUL, Minn.-Voters in northern Minnesota take part in a special Senate election Tuesday with a little more at stake than usual. Republicans had just a one-seat majority in the Senate before newly elected Gov. Tim Walz appointed Democrat Tony Lourey to his cabinet. Now the GOP is hoping to flip the seat Lourey vacated to give themselves a bit…

UMD Political Science Professor Discusses 2018 Midterm Elections

UMD Associate Professor of Political Science, Dr. Cindy Rugeley Breaks Down the Heated Political Races in Minnesota and Wisconsin on Election Day 2018

DULUTH, Minn. – Election Day 2018. On Tuesday, November 6, millions of Americans are heading out to the polls to determine the winners of key races from coast to coast. Locally, Minnesotans and Wisconsinites have a jam packed ballot. Both Governor seats are up for grabs, and many House and Senate seats are also in the headlines. Dr. Cindy Rugeley,…

UMD Political Science Professor Weighs in on Tuesday’s Primary Election

Primary Elections are Taking Place in Minnesota and Wisconsin Tuesday, August 14; Polls Close at 8:00 p.m.

DULUTH, Minn. – On Tuesday, August 14, residents in Minnesota and Wisconsin have the chance to make their voice heard during the 2018 Primary Election. Tuesday morning, Cindy Rugeley, UMD Associate Professor of Political Science, gave her insight on the importance of the primary election. Races up for grabs include Governor, Congress, Senate, Attorney General and many more local races….

New Ballot Machine Tested Out

DULUTH, Minn.-In Duluth today, the county auditors got ready for the big election in November along with the upcoming primary. Staff from that office tested out one of their new machines today using mail ballots. The new machine should help speed along the process for counting ballots because they won’t have to worry about paper jams any more. “This machine…

12 Russians Accused of Hacking Democrats in 2016 US election

12 Russians Charged for Hacking Offenses During 2016 Election

WASHINGTON-The Justice Department has announced charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking offenses during the 2016 presidential election. The indictments were announced Friday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as part of the ongoing special counsel probe into potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Russians are accused of hacking into the computer networks of the Democratic…

Longtime Duluth School Board Members Lose Their Seats

Harry Welty Was First Elected To The Duluth School Board 22 Years Ago

Duluth, Minn. -The votes are counted and the results from last night’s election in Duluth came as a shock for some, as multiple School Board and Council seats were on the line. Two longtime Duluth School Board Members, Art Johnston and Harry Welty, lost their seats. For Welty, that meant a loss to Sally Trnka and Josh Gorham. There were…

Local Voters Head To The Polls On Election Day

The Future of the Duluth City Council and School Board Will Be Decided

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s the first Tuesday of November and it’s also Election Day. Polling stations in Duluth were open until 8 p.m. for voters to cast ballots. We stopped by one Duluth church where 103 people had already voted by the early afternoon. Election judges here tells us they’ve mostly seen mothers, the elderly and young voters. They also…

Hagen Endorses Fennessey For Mayor

Thursday Morning, Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen Spoke to Superior Residents, Showing Support for Brent Fennessey

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Only 11 days remain before the City of Superior takes on new leadership. Thursday morning, Mayor Bruce Hagen announced he is endorsing mayoral candidate Brent Fennessey. “I believe that Brent Fennessey is the candidate and the only candidate that has these qualifications and proven experience,” said Mayor Bruce Hagen. Hagen believes Fennessey has a young, fresh vision…