Empty Bowls

At LSC Throw a Bowl, Feed the Hungry

LSC Art Club Hosts Annual Throw-a-Thon

DULUTH, Minn.-For two days anyone can throw pottery for free at Lake Superior College, and support a good cause. The college’s Art Club is hosting their 19th annual Throw-a-Thon. Anyone in the community can go and make some clay bowls, which are sold to raise money for the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. “Hoping it can like bring the…

A Look Inside Throw-A-Thon From the Turntable

The Throw-a-Thon is open to the public and is a unique way to help feed hungry Northlanders.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s the giving time of year, local artists are helping feed hungry Northlanders in a creative way during the 18th annual Throw-A-Thon. Over the past 17 years the Throw-A-Thon has donated nearly $155,ooo from Empty Bowls. “It’s definitely out of the ordinary,” student Faith Runquisd said. “I mean somebody wouldn’t think okay I’m going to contribute to the…