Endion Station

Getting Eclectic about Electric Vehicles at Duluth’s First Show and Tell Event

Event showcased different electric vehicles.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth’s first ever Electric Vehicle Show and Tell was held at the electric car charging lot near Endion Station. The event showcased a range of electric vehicles, including Teslas, Chevy Volts, electric motorcycles and more. Experts were on hand to help answer questions about electric vehicles. They say some people still have their doubts about this newer driving…

Barking Biking and Walking through Canal Park

Zeitgeist holds Bike Bark Walk through Canal Park.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Wednesday Duluth families and their four-legged friends enjoyed the nice weather by taking a long walk along the lake. The Bark Bike Walk took the group to 12th street beach from Endion Station. It’s part of Zeitgeist Community’s Duluth Superior Bus Bike Walk Month, to celebrate people-powered modes of transportation. “Sometimes it’s hard to forget that some…

CHUM Kicks Off Minnesota Food Share March in Duluth

Campaign aims to restock CHUM from Holidays.

DULUTH, Minn.- CHUM kicked off the Minnesota Food Share March Campaign with a goal of raising $115,000 and 35,000 lbs of food. The campaign aims to restock food shelves across the state in March. Many of which, like CHUM, are running low on supplies donated during the holiday season. CHUM says the disadvantaged population has increased in Duluth recently, making…