‘H2O: Watersheds at Work,’ Set to Replace Aging Water Table Exhibit at Great Lakes Aquarium

Demo Will Begin After Labor Day; The New Exhibit is Expected to be Open by November 20

DULUTH, Minn. – Chances are if you’ve visited the Great Lakes Aquarium over the past 21 years of its existence, you’ve submerged yourself in the interactive water table exhibit, learning firsthand why H2O is so important to life on earth. Now since opening in 2000, change is coming to one of the aquarium’s most engaging displays. “It supports life, it…

Animal Answers: Duluth Retriever Club Working to Create Hero Hunters

The Duluth Retriever Club Primarily Hosts Training Sessions from May Through September

DULUTH, Minn. – When it comes to hunting, every hunter hopes to achieve the best retriever in man’s best friend. However, it’s not always easy to teach the fundamentals of retrieving. “They don’t come out of the box ready to go,” said Mark Helmer, President of the Duluth Retriever Club. Practice and patience are just two of the skills trainers…

Surprise Engagement during Duluth Wedding Show

The two runway models are now a bride and groom to be.

DULUTH, Minn.- The 30th annual Duluth Wedding Show helps brides decide which gown they want to wear when they walking down the aisle. The runway highlights nearly 100 different dresses. The DECC is packed full of future brides and grooms, snapping photos, and cheering on their favorites. The event helps the happy couples decide on everything from the groom men’s…