Enger Tower

Duluth Comes Outside After Violent Storms

Enger Park bustling with people enjoying sun and nature.

DULUTH, Minn.- After the storms moved out of the area Sunday morning, the weather turned out pretty nice. Enger Park was full of people enjoying the look of the landscape, the views from the Tower, and the temps from the Sun. This is after storms whipped through the area, whipping lightning, wind, rain and even some hail across the sky…

Geocaching Through Duluth Parks

Duluth Parks and Recreation teaches people how to geocache.

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth Parks and Rec Department is getting in on geocaching, to encourage more people to check out parks and greenspace. The first GPS navigation and geo–caching meeting was held at Enger Park. To geocache, you need a handheld GPS or a cellphone, and use coordinates to find hidden clues and riddles throughout nature, to lead…

Hundreds Ruck for Veterans in Nearly Naked Ruck March

March held as fundraiser for Veterans with PTSD.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Saturday hundreds got out their walking shoes, pulled on their rucks, and took off their pants for the 23rd Veteran 4th Annual Nearly Naked Ruck March. Community members, active duty military and veterans rucked 10 laps around Enger Tower in nothing but hats, gloves, boots, and long underwear to support veterans. “It’s cold, and motivating. But we try…