Environmental Protection Agency

After Proposing Cuts, Trump Now Ready to Fund Great Lakes Restoration

The President backtracks on some proposed cuts to EPA.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the third year in a row the President proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, which included a 90 percent cut to funding for Great Lakes restoration. But that proposal now seems to be saved by the President himself. Last night at a rally in Michigan, the President declared his support for the Great Lakes. “I support…

$75 Million to Clean Up St. Louis River

EPA and U.S. Steel Decide to Devote Funds and Time to Clearing Sediment

DULUTH,Minn.- Next year a $75 million cleanup project will begin at U.S. Steel’s former Duluth site on the St. Louis river. The EPA and U.S. steel made that announcement today as they reached an agreement on cleaning up and restoring the Spirit Lake site near the Morgan Park neighborhood. U.S. Steel is planning to pay 55 percent of the cost, while…

Organizations Concerned for Future of Great Lakes Funding

The White House's proposed budget plan would cut $30 million to $300 million dollars in GLRI funding.

DULUTH, Minn.- Local organizations are concerned on how the Great Lakes will be kept clean and for the future of job for the workers involved in the various projects for many years. The White House’s proposed budget plan cuts funding From the Great Lakes Restoration Innitiative. The GLRI It helps fund universities, state, and federal agencies. The GLRI launched in 2010 with…