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Parking Lots, Sidewalks and More Flood on Barker’s Island

Combination of high winds and high lake levels meant unprecedented waves.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The storm affected more than just Duluth. Across the bridge in Superior, a section of Barker’s Island got flooded. Parking lots, sidewalks, and more were drowned in water, along with the big attraction, the SS Meteor. Quite a few people in the area told FOX 21 that the Meteor tried to float away Monday, as Barker’s Island dealt…

City Crews Tackle Storm Drains in Superior, Cleaning Businesses Prep for Flooding

City of Superior and SERVPRO of Twin Ports Share Tips and Tricks

SUPERIOR, Wis.- There are 3067 storm drains, 91 miles of sewer, and 181 miles of ditches, swales and culverts in the City of Superior. Now crews are rushing to have those near homes clear, before any flooding can begin. “If that drain gets plugged up, whether it’s plugged up with debris like leaves, grass, sticks, garbage, or ice like we’re…