Minnesota Senator to Lead Bipartisan Hearing on Capitol Hill

The hope is to continue to allow public access to the Capitol in the future.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is helping lead a bipartisan hearing on security issues surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot, along with the Department of Homeland Security. The hearing includes first-time testimonies from the former Capitol Police Chief and the current head of the Metropolitan Police Department. Senator Klobuchar says, the constructive hearing will focus on three areas…

In Case of Iranian Cyber Attack, How to Keep Your Data Secure

Officials say a cyber attack is possible, local expert shares tips on how to protect yourself.

DULUTH, Minn.- President Trump has said Iran appears to be standing down after their missile attack on U.S. bases in Iraq, but experts say they could hit us with a different type of attack. An FBI and Homeland Security Intelligence Bulletin sent to law enforcement nationwide said a cyber attack in retaliation is possible, due to Iran’s long history of…