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Finland Businesses Take Care of Greenwood Fire Crews from Incident Command Post

Firefighters have been coming through the Finland Co-Op for daily essentials like snacks, clothes, and coffee they get for free.

FINLAND, Minn.- Other businesses in the small town of Finland have seen more firefighters coming through after the Eastern Area Incident Command Post moved there from Isabella while fighting the Greenwood Fire. The Finland Co-Op a staple of the community since the 1900s, has been there for the firefighters’ daily essentials like snacks, clothes, and coffee they give them free….

Greenwood Fire Now 37% Contained as Incident Command Post Works from Finland

The boots-on-the-ground operations crew remains in Isabella, burning tactical fires to eliminate potential fuel to keep the main fire boxed in.

FINLAND, Minn.- Fire crews hope to continue the momentum against the 26,000 acre Greenwood fire, now 37% contained as of Monday evening thanks to recent rainy weather, and now moving their Incident Command Post to Finland while operations remain in Isabella right near the blaze. “In terms of wildland fire, the goal is to be mobile, adaptable, resilient,” said Clark…