Fires of 1918

1918 Marked by More than Just Fire

Presentation at Duluth Public Library Highlights Other Travesties of the Year

DULUTH, Minn.-A presentation took place at the Duluth Public Library tonight to shed some new light on what some call Duluth’s most devastating year, 1918. Organized by Twin Ports Genealogy, the free event focused on the summer of 1918, when a catastrophic fire burned along the outer edge of Duluth. Organizers say that the fire overshadows two other terrible parts…

Moose Lake Museum Prepares “Shack” for 1918 Fires Dedication

Northland Uncovered: 100 Years Since the Fires of 1918

MOOSE LAKE, Minn. – This year marks 100 years since the historic, tragic fire of 1918 that ravaged much of the Northland. The blaze swept the region beginning on Saturday, October 12, 1918. Now, the Moose Lake Depot and Fires of 1918 Museum is preparing to commemorate that anniversary. “It remains the largest natural disaster in Minnesota 100 years later,”…