Flood Disaster

Park Point Homes Experience Worst Flooding Homeowners Have Seen

"I've dealt with hurricanes, never seen anything like this," said one resident.

DULUTH, Minn.- Monday’s storm brought waves that were a spectacle at times, and a hazard at others in Canal Park. But over on Park Point many were seeing water from the bay as a nuisance flooding their homes. “It’s just been a disaster for everybody who lives along the lake,” said Keith McLoughlin, who has lived on Park Point for…

Heavy Rain Causes Flooding in Sawyer County

Emergency Severe Weather Shelter Set Up

An emergency severe weather shelter is now set up on the Lac Courte Oreilles reservation, as people deal with flooded roadways and downed power lines. A massive storm caused flash flooding in the Northland, and rose water levels while dampening many people‚Äôs lives in Northwest Wisconsin. “It never quit, it was relentless it came on and it rained and it…