Burst Pipe Sends Water Gushing Through Skywalk, Into Greysolon Plaza

According to Duluth Fire Crews, no one was injured or displaced from Greysolon.

DULUTH, Minn.- A scare at Duluth’s Greysolon plaza on East Superior Street downtown on Tuesday, after water came gushing into part of the building and out onto the alley behind, a burst water pipe in the Skywalk to blame. According to Duluth Fire Crews, no one was injured or displaced as a result of this. The recent extreme cold, coupled…

Changes May Come To Superior’s Stormwater Flood Control Program

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The public works committee recently approved the changes, which will then go before city council on December 3rd. Right now, only homeowners can apply to the program which includes sump pump installation to help prevent basement flooding. The proposed resolution would also apply to landlords who own rental properties. “The occupancy criteria would be taken into consideration…

Parking Lots, Sidewalks and More Flood on Barker’s Island

Combination of high winds and high lake levels meant unprecedented waves.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The storm affected more than just Duluth. Across the bridge in Superior, a section of Barker’s Island got flooded. Parking lots, sidewalks, and more were drowned in water, along with the big attraction, the SS Meteor. Quite a few people in the area told FOX 21 that the Meteor tried to float away Monday, as Barker’s Island dealt…

Wisconsin Residents React to Overnight Flooding

FOXBORO, Wis. – Several roads across Douglas County had to be shut down because of high water. “Two or three that remain closed. That’s for culvert related failure,” Interim Emergency Management Director, Dave Sletten says. County highways like B and W in Foxboro experienced several washouts and residents are feeling the effects in their homes. “It was overwhelming my subs,” Foxboro…

Families Have Fun with Science at Science Fest

University of Wisconsin Superior full of science exhibits and shows.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The legendary scientist, Bill Nye, says: Science Rules. That was no exception at UWS on Saturday. Everyone was a student for Science Fest, where they learned about the world and how it works. They also found out what they can do to keep that world spinning. From adorable baby chicks and ducks, and a kennel of baby goats,…

Being Prepared For Upcoming Flooding

Get the necessary goods before it's too late

DULUTH, Minn.- With the upcoming rain and warm temperatures coming our way, the need for supplies to remain safe and keep the water out of our houses will be key. However, in the past, hardware stores have noticed that people don’t do there best of preparing for a flood or disaster, they tend to wait until it actually happens to…

More Northlanders Buy Flood Insurance Ahead of Rain and Warmth

Insurance Agency details change in business.

DULUTH, Minn.- The potential for flooding has homeowners thinking about flood insurance. Pat Shelton, an agent at Farmers Insurance in Duluth said people are worrying about heavy snow and the potential for flooded basements. Shelton added that you don’t have to be in a flood zone, to get protection. “It can be a good idea, it’s piece of mind,” he…

Flooded Roads Created by Frozen Creeks in Duluth

Crews use heavy machinery to break ice.

DULUTH, Minn.- Sometimes clearing flooded roads isn’t as simple as removing the water or unclogging a nearby storm drain or culvert. A harsh winter can cause water backup in another way. Duluth Public Works crews arrived to deal with about 10 inches water on 88th Avenue West. They found the drain didn’t take much unplugging, the big issue was the…

Wednesday March 13, 2019: Morning Forecast

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City Crews Tackle Storm Drains in Superior, Cleaning Businesses Prep for Flooding

City of Superior and SERVPRO of Twin Ports Share Tips and Tricks

SUPERIOR, Wis.- There are 3067 storm drains, 91 miles of sewer, and 181 miles of ditches, swales and culverts in the City of Superior. Now crews are rushing to have those near homes clear, before any flooding can begin. “If that drain gets plugged up, whether it’s plugged up with debris like leaves, grass, sticks, garbage, or ice like we’re…

Heavy Snowfall Could Lead to Increased Flooding

National Weather Service measuring overflowing

MINNESOTA- There could be an increased flooding risk this spring because of all the snow we’ve been getting. According to the National Weather Service, agencies are measuring Minnesota’s risk of flooding this spring. The DNR and the U.S. Geological Survey are monitoring the depth and flow of streams and rivers across the state to figure out how much water they can…

Some Like it Rainy, Some Like it Snowy

Rain by Lake, Snow Inland

DULUTH, Minn.-The Twin Ports was pulled two different ways today. Shoppers at Miller Hill Mall were taken by surprise by the immense snowfall, while those by the lake were treated to an all too familiar sight: wind and rain. In Canal Park waves crashed ashore, reaching heights of 10–14 feet, drowning parts of the sidewalk underwater. Yet that didn’t stop…

Monday October 8, 2018: Morning Forecast

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Stormiest Spring and Summer In More Than A Decade

Severe Weather Rumbles Through The Northland

DULUTH, Minn. If you think it’s been a rather active and stormy spring and summer across the Northland, you’re right. Numerous severe weather events have brought damaging winds and hail, along with massive and historic flooding. As of Thursday, July 12, 2018, the National Weather Service office in Duluth, Minnesota, has issued 134 severe thunderstorm warnings this year. Checking the…

Delta Diner Helping the Public Navigate After Flood

Delta Diner is located at 14385 County Highway H, Delta, WI 54856.

DELTA, Wis. – The Delta Diner is known for its flavorful menu and burgers on Monday but after the recent flooding it became a source of information for the community. Employees at the diner took it upon themselves to help people get from point A to point B by letting others know what roads to take and to avoid. Even after…

Parts of Wisconsin On Road to Recovery Following Severe Flooding

The estimated damage for the area is more than $8 million and Bayfield County suffered the most damage.

Mason, Wis. – A little over two weeks ago parts of Wisconsin were hit with severe flooding, that caused millions of dollars in damage. Many people in Ashland, Bayfield and Iron County are now looking ahead to see how they can get back on track. Not too long ago the sun wasn’t shining and you couldn’t see the green grass…

Drummond is Wading in the Water

Projects planned for this summer have already been placed on the back burner.

DRUMMOND, Wis.,- It’s sunshine and clear sky now but Drummond is still wading in the water. Drummond town chairman Roy Bloom remains busy keeping track of road conditions. “Two, three, there was four washouts in this that were five foot deep,” Bloom said. The red markings are all the roads currently closed. “There are still places here we’re just guessing,…

Douglas County Recovering From Flooding

Tending to these repairs may postpone some county projects due to limited funds and resources.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Wis.- Some roads remain closed in Douglas County due to flooding. Officials with Douglas County tell us it may take some time before they reopen. Highways across the county remain largely affected by the heavy rainfall this past weekend. Although high water levels are dying down the Douglas County Board Chairman Mark Liebaert tells FOX 21 some clear roadways…

Residents Help DNR Cleanup Flood Damage

Residents we spoke with said they're used to flooding but have never seen the water level this high.

AMNICON LAKE, Wis- Residents are jumping in the high waters to help ensure no more damage is done from the recent downpour of rain. Water levels are extremely high at Amnicon Lake. The docks are submerged underwater and to ensure pieces don’t drift away nearby homeowners piled up the pieces ashore. “Well this dock was floating away, it’s the campgrounds dock…

Heavy Rain Pours Down In the Northland, Flooding Some Areas

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning until Sunday for a section of Northeast Minnesota

DULUTH, Minn. – Heavy rain has been pouring down in many parts of the Northland throughout the day. So much rain has fallen some places, that flooding has become a problem. This is what the area near 27th Avenue West in Duluth looked like this afternoon with high water flowing on the streets. The heavy rain didn’t stop some people…

Residents Prepare For Potential Flooding From Melted Snow

The flooding possibilities for this spring depend a lot on where you live and whether we get a lot of rain over the coming weeks.

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth is no stranger to flooding. The massive flood in 2012 is a prime example. And with a lot of snow now melting around the area some residents are worried about potential flooding problems this spring. These recent warm spring temperatures are helping melt the snow, but this big melt could cause water to enter some area homes….

First Winter Storm Breaks Duluth Snow Records & Brings Blizzard Conditions To The Northland.

High Winds Pound The Lake Shores And Flood Roadways

The first Winter Storm of the 2017/18 season has arrived! Duluth accumulated 10.6 inches of snow on Friday, making it the snowiest October day on record! The previous record was 10 inches on Oct. 23, 1933. Here are the highest accumulations in Minnesota. The snowfall isn’t over just yet, as the Lake Effect snow machine is kicking into gear this…

Letica Looks for More Donations, Leaves Sunday for Texas

Northlander's Donated Thousands of Items Just Days Ago, Now Letica and Volunteers Travel to Texas a Second Time

DULUTH, Minn. – After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Duluth Entrepreneur Mike Letica organized a drive, gathered a group of volunteers and drove south with a truckload of 45,000 pounds of donations for storm victims. Letica and his group are doing it again, Saturday and Sunday. “How much more can people take,” said Letica. It’s a question he may never have…

Water Drive to Support those Affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

Local Businessman to Travel to Texas

DULUTH, Minn. – A local Duluth man is heading to Texas this weekend to help those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey and he’s asking for help. Mike Letica is hosting a Water Drive on Thursday, August 31 from noon to 7 p.m. at Denfeld High School. Letica is asking for donations of water, cots, air mattresses, medical supplies, cash donations…

Lake Superior Zoo: Five Years After the Flood

Zoo Officials Hope to Downsize, Restructure Space and Offer New Exhibits

DULUTH, Minn. – Five years have passed since major flooding washed away years of hard work and dedication at the Lake Superior Zoo. Millions of dollars are still being spent to repair and rebuild what was lost during those overnight hours. “My first response is we had a problem, we had to get things done, my staff is amazing,” said…

Saturday May 20, 2017, Morning Forecast

Wet, Windy & Chilly As Heavy Rain Enters The Northland Today

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