Flu Shot

Protecting Your Children This Flu Season in the Wake of First Pediatric Flu Death in Wisconsin

The virus can turn in to a more serious condition like pneumonia or an ear infection.

DULUTH, Minn. – More than a dozen flu-related deaths have happened in Wisconsin since last October. Now a child has become one of those victims. According to the CDC, children are at the highest risk of dying from flu-related symptoms. The most recent case in Wisconsin shows how important it is to protect your children this flu season. Health officials…

Superior Daycare Provides Flu Shots to Staff to Fight Spread to Kids

Many daycares in the Northland are noticing these flu-like symptoms earlier than previous years but it's not too early for a flu shot.

SUPERIOR, Minn.- Daycares in the Northland are already seeing flu-like symptoms and tell FOX21 this is earlier than usual. If you are young and healthy the flu may not affect your body that harshly, but by getting the flu shot it stops you from being a carrier to those who could suffer serious problems related to the flu. People over…

At Least 50 Employees Fired From Essentia For Not Getting Flu Shot

99.5 Percent of Employees Got Flu Shot

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth based Essentia Health has fired nearly 50 workers w ho did not get a shot and now union leaders are fighting back. When asked what the next steps for these 50 some fired workers are? An Essentia Health representative said the now former employees have no next step with the company. Also stating this is only…