Food Farm

Great Outdoors: UMD Land Farm

The farm typically produces 20 to 30 thousand pounds of food during an average year.

DULUTH, Minn. – From the classroom to the farm UMD’s land lab is wrapping up its season. The project originally started in 2009, and although this year has been different for faculty and students it provided them with some unique opportunities for growth. Just off of Jean Duluth Road you’ll find UMD’s lab farm. It’s an outdoor classroom providing students…

Providing Local Food in the Winter

The Food Farm serves nearly 400 families in the Duluth area.

WRENSHALL, Minn.- Summer in the Northland offers many farmers markets and weather conditions to eat locally sourced produce. One farm is dedicated to providing families in the Duluth area with fresh produce during every season. Food Farm owners Johnaki Fisher–Merrit and Annie Dugan pride themselves on suppling their crisp fresh produce through every season. “The big purpose of our farm…

The Great Cabbage Giveaway

The Food Farm has been serving the Duluth Community since 1975.

DULUTH, Minn.- One organization is helping Northlanders put locally sourced food on the table during the winter time. The Food Farm gaveaway free cabbage at Zeitgeist Arts Cafe.  The Great Cabbage Giveaway gives people an opportunity to connect with the farmers who grow their food. “So often you connect with your farmer through the food you eat, which is great,” Food…