Generations Health Care Initiatives

Gov. Walz Talks Healthcare Reform in Duluth

Roundtable held at Snooty Fox Tea Shop.

DULUTH, Minn.-  Over a month after releasing a new budget proposal, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz shared more about a feature of that proposal, his OneCare health care reform. At a roundtable discussion at Snooty Fox Tea Shop, the governor promised to “cut out the middleman” by not paying insurance companies hoping they lower costs. Instead he plans to provide direct subsidies…

Navigating Health Insurance

Generations Health Care Initiatives Provides Health Insurance Help

DULUTH, Minn.- Thursday marked the beginning of the Minnesota health insurance market’s open enrollment period. The application process can be daunting for some, so Generations Health Care Initiatives is lending a helping hand. For the entire enrollment period, the office at 130 W. Superior St. will be offering help from navigators. According to Generations there are about 350,000 uninsured Minnesotans, and…