Treasure Hunt! Jay Cooke State Park Provides Geocaching Opportunities

Active Adventures: Geocaching at Jay Cooke State Park

CARLTON, Minn. – This week’s Active Adventures takes Meteorologist Ken Slama on a treasure hunt in Jay Cooke State Park. All 75 Minnesota State parks have a geocaching challenge through the fall to collect trading cards and to find the one at Jay Cooke, there is a simple and fun puzzle to solve along the way. The trails used are…

Geocaching Through Duluth Parks

Duluth Parks and Recreation teaches people how to geocache.

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth Parks and Rec Department is getting in on geocaching, to encourage more people to check out parks and greenspace. The first GPS navigation and geo–caching meeting was held at Enger Park. To geocache, you need a handheld GPS or a cellphone, and use coordinates to find hidden clues and riddles throughout nature, to lead…