Giving Tuesday

Animal Allies Encourages Support on “Giving Tuesday”

A Generous Couple in the Northland Commits to Matching Donations for Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – Tuesday, November 27 is the final day to make a huge impact with Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth. Duluth residents Bob and Diane Meierhoff have been long time supporters of animal welfare efforts in the Northland. The Meierhoff’s are excited to announce a matching donation of up to $10,000 if Animal Allies is able to raise…

Giving Tuesday Lets You Give Back to Local Non-Profits

In 2016, more than $180 million was raised on Giving Tuesday

DULUTH. Minn. – Now that the hoopla from Black Friday and Cyber Monday has eased off, now is the time to be in the giving spirit. Giving Tuesday happens after the American shopping holidays and it’s the largest day of giving where people are encouraged to donate to a local non-profit organization. Age Well Arrowhead in Duluth is one of the many organizations that benefit from Giving Tuesday….