Gov. Tony Evers

Virus Deaths Hit New High in Wisconsin, Gov. Evers Proposes New Relief Bill

Evers released a proposal to tackle the pandemic, including prohibiting evictions and foreclosures through 2021.

WISCONSIN.- Deaths from the coronavirus in Wisconsin have hit a new daily high. The state reported 92 deaths Tuesday with 7,090 new cases. This comes as Governor Tony Evers released a proposal to tackle the pandemic. It includes proposals that would prohibit evictions and foreclosures through 2021 and continue the suspension of a one-week waiting period before people can collect…

Wisconsin Judge Reimposes Gov. Evers’ 25 Percent Capacity Limit for Indoor Places

While some business owners in Superior weren't happy with the order, "I think it's a good idea," said the owner of Thirsty Pagan Brewing.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Once again a 25 percent capacity restriction on indoor public places in Wisconsin is back in effect Monday, reimposed by a Wisconsin judge. Governor Tony Evers issued the order on Oct. 6th, amid a surge of coronavirus cases across the state. More action must be done, he said, to avoid overwhelming Wisconsin’s healthcare systems. About a week later…

Gov. Evers Limits Indoor Capacity in Wisconsin, Set to Use $100 Million to Help Small Businesses

No more than 25% the total capacity of an indoor public space is allowed beginning Thursday until November 6th. 

MADISON, Wis.- Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers announced Tuesday he is dialing back the opening of the state, issuing his third emergency order to limit indoor building capacity to 25%, effective Thursday. While ramping up restrictions the Governor also announced $100 million in additional funding to support the state’s small businesses. No more than 25% the total capacity of an indoor…

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, Health Officials Urge State to Take Virus Seriously Ahead of Winter

"If we do nothing differently, I would say it's a high likelihood that this is going to get much worse before it gets better," said the Chief Medical Officer. 

WISCONSIN- As the state of Wisconsin comes off of their highest single day jump in COVID-19 cases this weekend, Governor Tony Evers and public health officials urge Wisconsinites to take the virus more seriously going into the winter. Positive cases in Wisconsin increased by more than 2,000 each day for the past four days. Monday, there were 2,367 more cases….

Superior Bars React to Safer-at-Home Order Struck Down by Wisconsin Supreme Court

The order, as well as the six-day injunction, were rejected, leaving businesses free to open immediately.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Just as quickly as some say it started, Wisconsin’s safer-at-home order is, for now, finished–struck down by the State Supreme Court. Businesses statewide, including bars and restaurants, now have the green light to “open immediately” according to a social media post by the Tavern League of Wisconsin. “Come on in!” said Cory Gatzke, triumphantly throwing open the shades…

Some Superior Businesses Relieved with Governor’s Loosened Restrictions

Gov. Evers's new emergency order allows no contact business.

  SUPERIOR, Wis.- Business owners in Superior are slowly getting back to as close to normal as they can be after Governor Tony Evers announced some non-essential businesses can open in a limited capacity. “It’ll be the new normal, whatever that is,” said Kat Senn. Under Emergency Order 34, certain non-essential businesses are allowed to start resuming business only through…

U.S., Wisconsin Supreme Courts Rule Against Evers; Election Day Stands

The Governor's attempts to change or postpone the election have been blocked on all fronts.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- After going through three changes in the span of one day, Wisconsin Elections will carry on as normal. Rulings from both the Wisconsin and U.S. Supreme Courts now make Wisconsin the only state with an election scheduled in April that is proceeding as planned. Governor Tony Evers signed an Executive Order early Monday postponing the election to June….

Wisconsin Primaries Continue as Normal, Superior Prepares for Tuesday

The Governor's request to make the election all-mail was shot down by state Republicans.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- A special session of the Wisconsin Legislature was held Saturday, to discuss making the Wisconsin Primary Elections all-mail, and extending absentee voting until late May. The meeting came to a halt when state Republicans shot down the request citing concerns for election security, and adjourned the meeting immediately. “Folks let me be clear this is not a Republican…

Superior Mayor Jim Paine Reacts to Gov. Evers’s ‘Safer-at-Home’ Order

Mayor recognizes grocery stores as essential, but asks the public only go when they need to.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Superior Mayor Jim Paine spoke out after Governor’s Shelter-in-Place order was announced. His main message: stay home and limit your trips unless absolutely necessary and that means even grocery stores. While Governor Evers has labeled grocery stores as essential, Mayor Paine wants residents to avoid those stores if you can. This comes after one of the four people…

More People Plug-In To Video Games While Stuck at Home

Games Then and Now in Superior sees increase in sale, but hope that continues as they move completely online.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- As more families deal with life stuck at home, video game stores have seen sales go up. But after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’s safer-at-home order, they hope those sales continue online. Last week the owners of Games Then and Now on Tower Avenue said they saw a huge jump in people buying games. It’s not just kids buying…

Superior Liquor, Grocery Stores Busy as Other Businesses Remain Closed

Belknap Liquor and Lounge and Super One seeing a steady influx of customers.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Wisconsin has just gone through their first weekend with bars, restaurants and other public gathering places closed indefinitely by Governor Tony Evers. This pushes more customers to businesses considered essential, such as grocery and liquor stores. “We can’t complain here, yeah,” said Belknap Liquor and Lounge owner Alan Jaques. “There’s a lot of other people that have it…

Wisconsin Child Care Workers Saddened by Call for Limit on Staff, Children

Governor Evers's order puts a huge burden on employees and parents.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- One of Superior’s busier child care centers reacts to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’s decision to scale back staff and amount of children in child care settings. The order dictates that organizations are not allowed to operate with more than 10 staff and 50 kids present. Meanwhile in Minnesota on Tuesday, Governor Tim Walz offered support to child care…

Gov. Evers Shocks Bar, Restaurant Owners with Sudden Statewide Closure

Owners given just three hours notice, after being told they could close Wednesday.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Wisconsin business owners had just three hours to get ready for a 5 p.m. hard shutdown of bars and restaurants ordered from the very top in Madison. “We all thought it was kind of a short notice, we all probably should’ve got a 24 hours notice,” said Superior Flame Nightclub owner Alvin Berg. “We’re gonna comply and we…