government shutdown

Free Haircuts For Federal Workers

Dapper Jack's Treating Unpaid Workers Affected by Shutdown

DULUTH, Minn.-¬†As businesses across the Northland continue to offer discounted or free services to unpaid federal workers during the shutdown, Dapper Jack’s barbershop on 47th Avenue East offered free haircuts to federal workers. If you’re wondering how many people really need it, the barber there says he had folks lined up before he even opened. He says the feeling after…

Ignite Studio Helps Unpaid Government Workers

Fitness Studio Offers All Classes Free To Workers and Family

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s day 23 of the partial government shutdown, about 800,000 employees are either working without pay, or furloughed. Businesses are stepping forward to help those workers with the financial difficulties. Ignite Studio in Duluth is trying to help ease the worries of those affected by the shutdown by offering free classes so they can exercise–improving moods, boosting energy,…

Iron Mug Works With Duluth Dodge To Help Federal Workers

Raise Funds for Those Affected by Shutdown

DULUTH, Minn.-Iron Mug owner Mike Letica is teaming up with Duluth Dodge, to give back to federal workers not being paid during the shutdown. 10% of Iron Mug sales are going to donations, and at Duluth Dodge they’ll donate $50 for every car or truck sold. Letica said he was inspired after hearing the story of one particular TSA worker….

Feeling Unappreciated: Shutdown Hitting Northland Coast Guard Families

Many Working Without Pay

CLOQUET, Minn.- In this Cloquet house, dinner is becoming limited to a few options. “We have leftover Hamburger Helper, there’s pork chops. There’s hotdogs, mommy bought plenty of hotdogs,” the mother tells her children. “It’s pasta dishes, it’s things that you can get dirt cheap,” said Andrea Hawkins. “Y’know, it’s like living on a college kid’s income all over again.”…

Will the Shutdown be Shutting Down SNAP/Food Stamps?

The Effects Being Felt by Benefits Recipients in the Northland

DULUTH, Minn.- With the government shutdown entering its third week, effects are already being seen in the Northland. The shutdown hasn’t reached SNAP benefit recipients just yet, but that safety only lasts this month. President Trump’s recent declaration that he is prepared to keep the shutdown going for months, or even years, spells out danger for SNAP Food Stamp recipients…

Lake Temperature Data Unavailable Due To Government Shutdown

The Partial Government Shutdown Is Affecting The Northland Directly, Especially Meteorologists

DULUTH, Minn. — With the partial Government Shutdown still underway the affects are being felt here in the Northland, even by local Meteorologists as they forecast this winter weather. First things first says Fox 21’s Meteorologist Brittney Merlot, “As a Meteorologist an important reading we need this time of year is the water temperature. It helps us determine lake effect…

Government Shutdown Could Happen This Week If Agreement Isn’t Reached

The Republicans control both the House and Senate.

DULUTH, Minn. – Congress has a lot of work to do with the possibility¬†of a government shutdown hanging in the balance. The last time there was a government shutdown like that the year was 2013. History may repeat itself if an agreement isn’t reached by Friday. A government shutdown can delay services or anything that people receive from the federal…