October Angel of Hope Vigil Provides Extra Light for Parents Grieving Loss of Child

Normally held in December for Worldwide Candle Lighting Day, the Duluth organization wanted to have an additional vigil this year after postponing 2020's.

DULUTH, Minn.- Not every event which restarts after the pandemic is a joyous festival or celebration. Yet, somber as it was, an Angel of Hope Vigil Sunday was one welcomed by parents grieving the loss of a child. “I think a lot of people really missed that,” said Debbie Davis, one of the founders. “I think a lot of people…

Special Report: Professionals Helping Prepare For, Study Different Aspects of Grief

FOX 21's Brett Scott Examines the Landscape When it Comes to Getting Through a Tough Time of Loss

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s a topic many shy away from, talking about what happens after we lose a loved one, and are left to live in the physical world without them. FOX 21’s Brett Scott examines how grief is studied on an academic level, and prepared for with the help of hospice professionals. “I think that mostly why I’m in…