Superior Restaurants See Extra Customers from Minnesota After Gov. Walz’s Restrictions

While business owners in Superior said they welcome the extra business, they said they feel for the restaurants suffering in Duluth.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Restaurants in Superior are seeing more customers from across the bridge four days into Minnesota’s four-week-long restrictions closing in-person dining. Governor Tim Walz turned the dial back Friday, to try and keep the mounting COVID-19 case numbers from maxing out capacity at hospitals statewide. While business owners in Superior said they welcome the extra business, they said they…

Owner of Twin Ports Bars, Restaurants Weighs in On Proposed Superior Mask Mandate

After abiding by the new ordinance at his Duluth locations, Rick Lampton says he expects adjusting at Grizzly's and 7 West in Superior to go smoothly.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- In just three days the Superior City Council will vote on whether to implement an indoor public mask mandate similar to Duluth. Now more bar and restaurant owners are speaking out on that proposed ordinance. Rick Lampton, owner of many establishments in both Duluth and Superior, including Grizzly’s and 7 West Taphouse, has already adjusted his businesses to…

Area Businesses Impacted by Superior Bomb Scare

Businesses told by police to lock all doors and move to the back of the building.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Superior Police said the area surrounding the possible improvised explosive device on Tower Avenue was fairly easy to control because it was a business district. Nearby businesses were still disrupted this morning as authorities investigated the device and had to close down the roads. The scene was officially deemed safe around 2:30 this afternoon, when the Marathon Oneida…

New Businesses Replacing Miller Hill Mall Grizzly’s

It would be used as an office and retail space.

DULUTH, Minn.- A proposal has been passed by the Duluth Planning Commission to tear down the Miller Hill Grizzly’s along with Fred’s Motors which is right next door to it. What would replace it would be a smaller restaurant with a drive-thru . A 22,000 square-foot structure, would also be placed there and used as an office and retail space….