Hans Casperson

Crews Busy Clearing Snow from Roofs to Avoid Ice Dams and Vent Blockages

Snow removal businesses seeing an increase in business after the storms.

DULUTH, Minn.- Roads aren’t the only things experiencing problems under all the snow–roofs should be added to your shoveling list. Big piles of snow can create bigger problems in the form of ice dams and blocked vents, which can cause issues not just on your roof, but inside your house. Crews with businesses like Duluth Ice Dam Removal are three…

Northland Tree Services Busy After Storms

Duluth Tree Service says saturated soil can cause trees to fall.

DULUTH, Minn.- Monday’s storm brought high winds, which tore much of the Northland apart and ripped trees from their roots, which crashed onto houses, garages, and cars. The owner of Duluth Tree Service said he experienced call volumes like the peak of the season–at a time when they normally drop. He added that high winds aren’t the only thing that…