Haunted Ridge

Haunted Ridge Still Going On For Halloween

Opening night is October 9th.

CARLTON, Minn. – All of the ghouls and goblins at the Haunted Ridge in Carlton are gearing up to give Halloween lovers a good scare this year. Despite the pandemic, the terrors must go on, but in a different way. Instead of using live actors, there will be animations displayed to give a haunting experience. Anyone visiting must get their…

Haunted Shack Looking for Spooky Volunteers

At least 50 volunteers needed to help make the haunted attraction a success.

CARLTON, Minn.- The Haunted Shack and Haunted Ridge are looking for more spooky characters to join in scaring the people of the Northland. “Just having fun scaring people, it’s really fun,” said Volunteer Coordinator Julie Schwarzkopf. The demand is bigger this year as the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship will once again not be in the Minnesota Slip. “It did…