Eat Smart Month Aims to Help Northlanders Improve Heart Health

The American Heart Association Partners with Essentia Health, St. Luke's and Super One Foods to Promote Healthy Eating

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s time to gobble up the rest of your Halloween candy and prepare for a healthy holiday season. The American Heart Association is looking to help consumers celebrate National Eating Healthy Day. The Association along with Essentia Health and St. Luke’s hosted an event Wednesday evening at Super One Foods near the Miller Hill Mall. The event…

Superior Firefighters Undergo Stress Tests for Heart Health

St. Luke's is Partnering with Superior Fire Department, After a Federal Grant Allows for Free Stress Tests

DULUTH, Minn. – A federal grant recently received by the Superior Fire Department is going toward improving the quality of health for firefighters. Tuesday morning, firefighter Cameron Vollbrecht responded to his stress test appointment at the St. Luke’s Regional Vascular Center. Experts are using the tests to take a closer look at lung capacity and heart rate under intense situations….