hmong new year’s

Celebrating Hmong New Year in Duluth

Hmong community gathers with others at the Coppertop Church.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Saturday many in Duluth celebrated New Years–not American New Year’s, but Hmong New Years. About 20 Hmong families currently reside in Duluth. The Hmong people come mostly from the country of Laos, and many emigrated here after the Vietnam War. There are also many Hmong students at UMD, and they performed traditional dances as the crowd at…

Preparing Food for Hmong New Year Celebration

Over 1200 egg rolls and 120 pounds of rice made before celebration.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Hmong community of Duluth is preparing for their annual New Year celebration happening Saturday at the Coppertop Church on Central Entrance. Currently the cooks are preparing about 1200 eggrolls and up to 120 pounds of rice for the big celebration. They said they make all the food every year to keep their culture and traditions from the…

Duluth Gets Ready for Hmong New Year

Hmong Community Prepares Food for Celebration

DULUTH, Minn.- A cultural community in Duluth is gearing up for their New Year tomorrow. Hmong students and elders were making food today at the First United Methodist, or Coppertop church to prepare for their New Year’s celebration. The elders say they will be making roughly 960 egg rolls and about 125 lbs of sweet rice, to feed more than…