Welcome to the Hostel Duluth

New Hostel Hosts Grand Opening

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth’s newest, and only, hostel held its grand opening Thursday. Hostel Du Nord is located on W. First Street in Duluth. It’s place were people can pay a fraction of the price of other downtown local hotels, and get a private bunk but share a living space with others.. Staff believes the hostel experience will enhance Duluth. “They…

Nightclub Owner Opening Hostel in Duluth

The Hostel Will Give Also Guests Convenient Access to the Skywalk

DULUTH, Minn. – Bob Monahan who also owns the Red Herring Lounge is going into the hostel business. It’ll be located in downtown Duluth at the old Garon Brothers jewelry store. I think that if people know that there’s a sort of a cost effective and affordable option, that they may stay in Duluth and spend some time and money…