Hot Weather

Basking in the Sun at Brighton Beach

Northlanders get out and enjoy the summer-like weather.

DULUTH, Minn.- It felt like summer on Sunday in Duluth, and many spots throughout the city were filled with people savoring the sun. Brighton Beach was packed with people enjoying the weather in a variety of different ways. It was the perfect day for some vacationing in the Northland as they splashed around in the waters of Lake Superior. “We…

Hot Weather Worries: Tips for Keeping Pets Cool

In this Week's Animal Answers, Dr. Justin Dahl Offers Tips to Keeping Animals Safe When Weather Warms

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – In this week’s Animal Answers, we’re tackling the topic of hot weather worries when it comes to pets. With temperatures soaring into the 80s and lower 90s, it’s important for us all to remember we’re not the ones wearing a fur coat. Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior offers two important tips to…

Crazy for Custard with Culver’s

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 Serves as National Custard Day Across the Nation

DULUTH, Minn. – Today is going to be a hot day in the Northland, but luckily, it’s National Frozen Custard Day! Frozen Custard is made with eggs in addition to the cream and sugar found in ice cream. When the inventors of frozen custard premiered the product on Coney Island in 1919, they sold 18,640 cones on their first weekend…