Northland Health Experts Warn of ‘Severe’ Flu Season to Come, On Top of Pandemic

The shadow looming over all this, according to experts, is the stress healthcare systems nationwide are already under.

DULUTH, Minn.- According to Northland health experts, the outlook for this year’s flu season is not good, as they prepare for a one-two punch of the flu and the ongoing COVID-19 surge. “A lot of people are back out doing their normal activities, we’re not in quarantine so those factors will play a role in what could be a severe…

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, Health Officials Urge State to Take Virus Seriously Ahead of Winter

"If we do nothing differently, I would say it's a high likelihood that this is going to get much worse before it gets better," said the Chief Medical Officer. 

WISCONSIN- As the state of Wisconsin comes off of their highest single day jump in COVID-19 cases this weekend, Governor Tony Evers and public health officials urge Wisconsinites to take the virus more seriously going into the winter. Positive cases in Wisconsin increased by more than 2,000 each day for the past four days. Monday, there were 2,367 more cases….

Health Officials Stress Importance of Influenza Vaccine as Flu Season Looms Ahead

The CDC says they have developed a test that will check for seasonal flu viruses, and the virus that causes COVID-19. 

DULUTH, Minn.- While the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most prominent public health concern since march, each winter brings a new flu season. Which is why officials are urging people to get vaccinated. “Now is the time to get it,” stressed Diane Seiloff, Adult Services Coordinator for St. Louis County Public Health. Generally, flu symptoms include a fever, cough, sore…

Influenza Confirmed in Minnesota, St. Luke’s Advises Early Flu Shot

Dr. Sara Lund with St. Luke's Infectious Disease Associates in Duluth Offers Advice Ahead of Flu Season

DULUTH, Minn. – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80,000 Americans died, and almost one million were hospitalized due to influenza during the 2017 – 2018 flu season. This year, health officials are once again reminding people to not put it off, and get vaccinated for the common illness before it’s too late. Dr. Sara Lund…

Could Your Dog Get the Flu?

Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital Explains How You Can Prevent Your Pet from Canine Influenza

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Every year it’s estimated nearly 80 percent of dogs are exposed to canine influenza will develop the disease. However, local veterinarians say it can be less deadly than the human flu, with a mortality rate of less than ten percent. After all, it seems like every day we hear of more people being diagnosed with the flu….