Tunnels Under Duluth Remain Some of the City’s Oldest Infrastructure

The tunnels under Duluth are a part of the city's storm drain system

DULUTH, Minn. – Infrastructure development was booming at the turn of the twentieth century in Duluth and under it. The tunnels of Duluth were built to convey water under major roads without disrupting the city above. “They are durable. That blue stone doesn’t wear away. The bottoms of them are still on their original bedrock channel,” city program coordinator Todd Carlson…

One-On-One: Senator Rarick Talks Broadband, Infrastructure & Recreational Marijuana

FOX 21's Brett Scott Talks With Newly Elected State Senator Jason Rarick (R)

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Minnesota’s newest state Senator, Jason Rarick, has now been on the job for a little over one week since being sworn into office Wednesday, February 6. “It was a long month of hard work with some nasty weather but we were all really excited when we saw the final results,” said Rarick. Senator Rarick recently came out…

One-On-One: Gov. Walz Talks Legalizing Marijuana, Mining & Infrastructure

FOX 21's Brett Scott Sits Down for a One-On-One Interview with Minnesota Governor Tim Walz

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Nearly two months after being sworn into office, Minnesota’s 41st Governor, Tim Walz, is not holding back when it comes to environmental issues, recreational marijuana and infrastructure. “I’m a congressman from Southern Minnesota, I’m from Mankato, but I saw this as one Minnesota throughout my campaign,” said Governor Tim Walz. Walz is no stranger when it…