Free Showing of International Movies

Each movie involves the theme of crossing borders.

DULUTH, Minn.- All week long free international movies are being showcased in Duluth. The World Languages and Cultures Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth is partnering up with Zeitgeist Zinema showing free international movies all week long. The WLC faculty members selected movies to fit the theme, crossing borders. “Whether it be crossing a national border, a linguistic border,…

Active Adventures: Winter Bike to Work Day

Dozens of Duluthians Rode Their Bikes to Work Friday, Celebrating Winter Bike to Work Day

DULUTH, Minn. – Friday morning, more than 30 Northlanders grabbed their bikes and headed to the Duluth Rose Garden to celebrate International Winter Bike to Work Day. The day┬áis observed across the globe and aims to normalize winter biking. Cyclists gathered at the Rose Garden around 7:30, and rode via Superior Street to the Minnesota Power Plaza. Event organizers from…