Julie Willems Van Dijk

Wisconsin Health Leaders Explain Vaccine Distribution as State Gets First Shipment

Meanwhile, the spread of the virus isn't slowing down in the state. 

MADISON, Wis.- Wisconsin received 10,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine Monday, with about 35,000 more doses expected by the end of the week. The first rounds are going to frontline healthcare workers and to nursing home residents in a couple weeks. The general public will not have access to the vaccine for months as the state deploys this historic rollout…

Wisconsin Health Officials Discuss How COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Distributed

WI DHS stressed the safety of the vaccines, and how long they still have to go before reaching the public.

MADISON, Wis.- In Wisconsin Monday, health experts held a news conference answering COVID-19 vaccine questions. They say of the two vaccines awaiting FDA approval, Pfizer’s would require cold storage at -70°C±10°C for up to 10 days unopened in the state’s Healthcare Emergency Response Coalition (HERC) regions before going to clinics. Moderna’s, which does not require cold storage, would go directly to…

Virus Deaths Hit New High in Wisconsin, Gov. Evers Proposes New Relief Bill

Evers released a proposal to tackle the pandemic, including prohibiting evictions and foreclosures through 2021.

WISCONSIN.- Deaths from the coronavirus in Wisconsin have hit a new daily high. The state reported 92 deaths Tuesday with 7,090 new cases. This comes as Governor Tony Evers released a proposal to tackle the pandemic. It includes proposals that would prohibit evictions and foreclosures through 2021 and continue the suspension of a one-week waiting period before people can collect…