Keith Hamre

New Proposal Could Implement Gas Station Restrictions

Community members voiced concerns after the announcement of a possible development plan.

DULUTH, Minn.- New gas station developments near neighborhoods in Duluth, could be a lot smaller in the future. The planning commission is proposing a reduction of pumps to a maximum of six, with public filling stations on both sides totaling 12 lines. The proposal comes after homeowners spoke out about a proposal of a Kwik Trip on Boundary Avenue, near Proctor. Which…

Plans Underway for New Unique Hotel

Officials say the hotel aims to attract millennials to Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.– New details are being revealed for a new hotel like no other planned for Duluth’s central entrance. The hotel is called “Tru by Hilton” it’s aimed at giving young professionals, a fun affordable place to stay.  The rooms will cost $100 a night and be smaller than an average hotel room. City officials say although there are many hotels, none…