Kelly Chandler

Youth Aged 16-18 Encouraged to Sign Up for COVID-19 Vaccination in Itasca County

A Vaccination Clinic Will Take Place Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – Even with the pause of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine, the rollout continues to be strong in Itasca County. Public health leaders say only 6.6 percent of the vaccines delivered to Minnesota have been from Johnson & Johnson. As of Thursday, April 15, 78 percent of the 65-plus population in Itasca County has been vaccinated while…

Free COVID-19 Testing Event Happening at Grand Rapids High School

The Event Takes Place as Cases of COVID-19 Have Decreased in Itasca County Throughout December

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – The first COVID-19 briefing of 2021 comes with uplifting news from Itasca County. The county’s public health officials are reporting a steady decrease in cases throughout December. Over the past seven days, 53 new cases have been identified in the county. Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 2,751 residents have tested positive, and…