Ketzel Levens

NWS Warns of ‘Messy’ Storm Bringing Mix of Rain, Snow, Ice

The freezing rain this storm could bring has the potential to affect roads, trees, and powerlines.

DULUTH, Minn-. The Northland is bracing for a winter storm bringing with it a mixed bag of elements we haven’t seen in a few months. “We’ve got quite the messy system that’s coming in this week, or, this weekend,” said Ketzel Levens, NWS Meteorologist. While winter storms over the previous months have brought colder temperatures and snow, forecasters at the…

Snow Squall Warning Issued For 1st Time Since 2020

What happens with a snow squall is like a winter version of a thunderstorm, bringing very localized heavy snowfall followed by a cold front.

DULUTH, Minn.- Experts say it was quick, but after almost blizzard-like conditions a snow squall Friday afternoon brought with it a blast of arctic air which made some roads a bit icy. “You can imagine if you’re just driving along and all of a sudden you have this just really quick burst of heavy snow that hits that leads to…