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New Lincoln Park Coffee, Tea Shop Attracting Roasters from Across the U.S.

190 Coffee and Tea is Located at 1831 West Michigan Street in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – They’re beverages enjoyed all year long in the Northland, however, a hot cup of tea or coffee on a bitter winter day can be satisfying beyond words. “This is exactly what I signed up for is negative ten-degree weather, that is what I wanted,” said Corey Roysdon, general manager at 190 Coffee and Tea. You could say…

Pedro’s Grill & Cantina Settling in to New Location

Pedro's Grill & Cantina is Now Located at 7 8th Street in Cloquet, Minnesota

CLOQUET, Minn. – Throughout the past 20 months amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed multiple businesses that were forced to shut their doors or change the way they operate just to make ends meet. This week’s Knowing Your Neighbors shines the spotlight on one success story from the community of Cloquet. “We love the atmosphere! It’s really nice in here,”…

Vino with a View: Inside Lutsen’s North Shore Winery

North Shore Winery and Sawtooth Mountain Cider House Opened Back in 2016

LUTSEN, Minn. – When it comes to the birthplace of a good chardonnay or merlot, chances are Minnesota doesn’t come to mind. One business located in Lutsen, however, is looking to change that perception. “Just trying new things is very important. You don’t know what you like until you try it,” said Jayden Corliss, general manager at North Shore Winery….

Optimism on the Iron Range as New Event & Convention Center Opens

The New Iron Trail Motors Event & Convention Center is a Project 20 Years in the Making

VIRGINIA, Minn. – A massive project 20 years in the making is now a reality, and standing tall in the City of Virginia. Now the City of Virginia Parks and Rec Department is proud to bring people inside the new Iron Trail Motors Event and Convention Center. “This is a game-changing facility for the entire Iron Range,” said Brian Silber,…

New Iron Range Coffee Shop Helping to Support Mental Health Wellness

Loonies Coffee Shop is Donating 10 Percent of Profits to Mental Health Wellness

VIRGINIA, Minn. – As we head into the colder months, a cup of coffee is wonderful at any time of the day. When you pair it with compassion and empathy, the customers just keep coming back. “The coffee’s good, but the pizza is even better,” said Aaron Bialke, a customer from Grand Rapids. It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite part…

Explore the Sights, Sounds of Tettegouche State Park This Fall

The Park is Seeing an Influx of Visitors Looking to Catch a Glimpse of the Beautiful Fall Foliage

SILVER BAY, Minn. – It’s one of the most scenic sections along Highway 61. Just a hop off the highway, Tettegouche State Park offers a wide variety of hiking, climbing, and camping options. “It’s not too hot, not too cold, it’s just about right,” said Kelly Thielien, visiting from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The so-called “Goldilocks principle” holds true along the…

Solar Module Production Facility Taking Shape in Mountain Iron

The Sun is Shining Brighter in the Community of Mountain Iron as a New Solar Project Gets Underway

MOUNTAIN IRON, Minn. – Aside from the vibrant mining industry, one Iron Range community is now helping to diversify the workforce, becoming a new leader in solar energy. “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him,” said Martin Pochtaruk, President and CEO of Heliene. With the help of a dedicated state senator, solar energy will soon be shining brighter…

Teamwork Takes Center Stage During Recent Youth in Action Retreat

The Retreat Took Place at Camp Esquagama in Gilbert, Minnesota

GILBERT, Minn. – The saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. During a recent Youth in Action retreat on the Iron Range, over 30 students from St. Louis County connected, in person, to help each other build and grow as good stewards of the community. “I was a little bit nervous coming in actually,” said Lauryn Biondi, a junior at…

COVID-19 Pandemic Brings Spike in Business for Discoverpc.NET

The Locally Owned Computer Solutions Center Offers Tech Assistance on Various Platforms

SUPERIOR, Wis. – If there’s one thing the past year and a half has taught us, it’s that we’re living in a technologically advanced world. Throughout that time, Discoverpc.NET in Superior has been helping to keep residents connected to the cyber world. “When I got into computers, it was pretty much a green screen commodore,” said Travus Elm, PC support…

Twin Ports Transplant Kick Starts ‘Too Good Bakery’

The Pop-Up Bakery can be Spotted at a Number of Events in Superior on a Weekly Basis

SUPERIOR, Wis. – They’re a dime a dozen these days – bakeries. However, it’s what each owner does to make their sweet treats special that sets that bar high, and customers coming back for more. “I bake with love and I’m backed by love,” exclaimed Liberty Smith, owner of Too Good Bakery. It’s a secret ingredient that can be hard…

Yellow Bird Fine Art Expands into Downtown Duluth

Yellow Bird Fine Art's Flagship Store is Located in Grand Marais

DULUTH, Minn. – If you’re looking for a unique gift, or a creative piece to display on the walls inside your home, there’s a new shop that’s now open in downtown Duluth. “We only carry original artwork,” said Quay Flom, co-owner of Yellow Bird Fine Art. Word of mouth, and a creative canvas is helping Yellow Bird Fine Art expand…

Local Business Transforms From Catering to Food Truck Service Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

To Keep Business Booming, the Owners of 'Room at the Table' Have Turned to Food Truck Service

CLOQUET, Minn. – The past year has been interesting, to say the least for folks in the food service industry. From a lack of indoor dining to canceled events, many changes have had to occur for folks to make ends meet. “With COVID, we started flipping burgers and it worked out great,” said Paul Sapyta, owner of Room at the…

New BBQ Eatery Now Open on the Iron Range

Neighbor's BBQ Serves Fresh Meats Smoked Daily at Their Location in Tower, Minnesota

TOWER, Minn. – If you’re looking to get your hands on a mouthwatering rack of ribs, the Iron Range is now the place to do it. “I want to put Minnesota barbecue on the map,” said Eric Drake, owner of Neighbor’s BBQ. “I’ve been smoking meat for over 15 years.” It’s not Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, or Carolina style. Eric…

Spring Cleaning Made Easy at New Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Tommy's Express Car Wash Opened a Duluth Location in Late March

DULUTH, Minn. – When spring weather arrives, you’re guaranteed two things in the Northland — construction season and long lines at the car wash. Now one new business in Duluth is putting forth a dedicated team of deep cleaners who have a passion for saving you time and making your vehicle shine. “The flight deck is what we call it,”…

Knowing Your Neighbors: ‘Tacos Tacos Tacos’ Aims to Bring Authentic Mexican Flavor to Northland

The slice of authentic Mexican cuisine opened up downtown in the old Coney Island space on East Superior Street.

DULUTH, Minn.- A slice of authentic Mexican cuisine opened up downtown in the old Coney Island space on East Superior Street last week – Tacos Tacos Tacos. “It is totally different than a lot of American style tacos you find,” said owner Robert Giuliani. Tacos Tacos Tacos was born out of owner and chef Robert Giuliani’s Mexican heritage and recent…

Former Cloquet Hardware Store Turning into New Thrift Shop

NorthStar Community Services Will Soon Open a Thrift Store in the Former Space of Wood City Lights and Hardware

CLOQUET, Minn. – A longtime hardware store in Cloquet will soon be shutting its doors for good. But new hope is on the horizon for the space. “It’s just wonderful to be part of the community,” said Linda Erickson, former owner of Erickson Hardware in Cloquet. Erickson has a love for helping residents in her community fix just about anything…

Local Shop Combines Vintage & Modern Kitchenware

Potluck Vintage & Modern Kitchenware is Located Along Chapman Street in Ely, Minnesota

ELY, Minn. – It was back in 2019 when the Ely Shopko shut its doors. The closure caused a big blow to many of the residents, who relied on the store for everyday essentials for the home or cabin. Now residents are thrilled to have a shop down the block to frequent for everyday items. “I tried to bring in…

Dream Come True: New Owners Take Over The Backyard on Amnicon Lake

Chase and Amanda Nordby Have Dreamed of Owning Their Own Business for the Past Ten Years

SUPERIOR, Wis. – As warmer days start popping up in the forecast, many Northlanders are thinking spring and preparing for summer adventures. One family who recently moved to the area is now settling in as they prepare for their first year in business at The Backyard on Amnicon Lake. “This last year has been a different year for us, and…

Pandemic Ignites Passion for Many Hobby Enthusiasts

This Week's Knowing Your Neighbors Take You Inside HobbyTown

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – From knitting to sewing, to books and puzzles, hobbies have helped keep the sanity for many Northlanders during a year we’d all like to forget. “We’ve had an excellent year,” said Dan Ring, franchise owner of HobbyTown. Tucked away alongside Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown, you’ll find this hobbyist’s haven. “I think people are spending time at…

Two North Shore Lodges Finish Major Renovations

Mountain Inn at Lutsen and Cascade Lodge and Restaurant Recently Completed Extensive Renovations of Their Lodging Facilities

COOK COUNTY, Minn. – Recent stay-safe restrictions have given many Northlanders more time to tackle projects we couldn’t get done during the busy hustle and bustle of daily lives pre-pandemic. In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors, you’re invited inside two lodges along the North Shore that are happy to welcome guests into fresh facilities after months of hard work. “There…

KYN: Weeping Willow Heartfelt Gifts

Starting next week Weeping Willow Heartfelt Gifts will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

DULUTH, Minn. – After opening less than one month ago, Weeping Willow Heartfelt gifts has had a steady flow of customers who want something local and unique. “Especially with the holidays and everything that is going on people are really trying to go for the shop local.  And just the response has been really awesome,” Weeping Willow Heartfelt Gifts Manager,…

Saginaw Man Continues Holiday Tradition with ‘Cut Your Own’ Tree Farm

Keith Miernicki Not Only Sells Christmas Trees, He's Also Dabbles in Stove Sales for Saunas

SAGINAW, Minn. – Finding the perfect Christmas tree begins with picking the best location to chop one down. One Saginaw man continues to spread Christmas cheer by opening up his many acres of land for families to take a drive and cut their own Tannenbaum. “I probably have a million trees,” said Keith Miernicki, owner of Duluth Saginaw Stove Works…

KYN: Ketamine North Infusion Center

The infusion center is located on Central Entrance in Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn. – A new wellness option is now available in the Twin Ports for patients who suffer from anxiety and depression. Since opening up the Ketamine North Infusion Center last year, anesthetists Natalie Johnson and Patrick Bailey have seen a number of people coming in for a variety of ailments. “Someone who has struggled with lifelong depression, anxiety, PTSD….

Oldenburg House Gearing Up for Re-Opening

"We could have three suits open every night. We're not likely to do that. We want to have enough down time between the stays that we can completely sanitize the suite."

CARLTON, Minn. – “When you’re around good players, your ears start to hear the right stuff,” Oldenburg House Proprietor, Glenn Swanson says. At five years old, Glenn Swanson developed a love for music. In his later years, began using his skills for fundraisers… And then, the pandemic hit. “In March and in April had cancelled our indoor events for our…

West’s Hayward Dairy Serving Scoops for Summer Memories

This Week's Knowing Your Neighbors Shares Delicious Details of One Locally Owned Business in Hayward

HAYWARD, Wis. – Happiness in Hayward is served one scoop at a time. “No one tub is ever the same because it’s whatever I’m grabbing,” said Tom Baranick, co-owner of West’s Hayward Dairy. “We’re one of the few stores in Wisconsin that makes their ice cream on site.” Consistency is key, but creativity often prevails at this Hayward hotspot. “It…

Knowing Your Neighbors: East End Driving Academy Now Open in Lakeside Neighborhood

East End Driving Academy is Located at 512 North 45th Avenue East in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – When teens start their drivers training course they’re well on their way to legally getting behind the wheel. But with few options in Duluth to take the required courses, one local man is trying to fill the void. Before East End Driving Academy, parents in this specific area of the city didn’t have any alternatives to enroll…

Wings North Off-Season Hunting & Trap Shooting

KNOWING YOUR NEIGHBORS: A Northland Hunting Club Celebrates 20 Years!

PINE CITY, Minn. — Attention Hunters! Are you looking for a place to keep your shot sharp and your dogs well trained? In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors Fox 21’s Brittney Merlot takes us to Wings North! “Have a cup of coffee, lie about how well you are going to shoot! And then we get you out in the fields!”…

Hannah Johnson Fabrics Expanding in Lakeside Location

Hannah Johnson Fabrics will Host a Grand Re-Opening Event Thursday, January 24

DULUTH, Minn. – More fabric and fun will soon be available for quilters in the Duluth Lakeside neighborhood. The owner of Hannah Johnson Fabrics is expanding. The growth comes after Johnson’s Bakery vacated their Lakeside location in 2018. “Who would have ever known? I never thought I’d be here for ten years,” said Janet Anelli, Owner of Hannah Johnson Fabrics….

Knowing Your Neighbors: KG Fireworks

South Range Fireworks, Safety Classes and $1,000 Fireworks Giveaway!

SOUTH RANGE, Wis. — In this weeks knowing your neighbors Brittney Merlot takes us to the South Range to ignite your adrenaline at KG fireworks warehouse. KG is a must stop for firework fans as you drive down HWY 2 in Wisconsin. It’s been open for 7 years with some of the biggest selections of fireworks in the area. Stock…

Duluth Woman Looks to Perfect Beauty Sleep

DeBora Rachelle is a Native Duluth Resident Looking to Keep Health, Wellness and Comfort in Mind While You Sleep

DULUTH, Minn. – Do you toss and turn all night long or wake up drenched in sweat? If so, one Duluthian is looking to make a difference in your life. “I may not be walking the red carpets in California and Hollywood anymore but I’ll be the hottest chick at a toga party,” said DeBora Rachelle, Founder, DeBora Rachelle Inc….

Knowing Your Neighbors: Better Results with Building Logic

Building Logic Started in 2010 to Assist Residents in the Twin Ports with Everyday Property Care and Repair Needs

DULUTH, Minn. – Becoming a home or business owner can be exciting but it also comes with a price tag, countless hours of hard work and labor. That’s why Duluth based Building Logic is looking to be there for you when there’s property care and repair needs. It’s located in a small grey building just off Piedmont Avenue in Duluth….

Superior Pursuits Back on the Big Lake

In this week's Knowing Your Neighbors, Captain Parker Bambenek Launches the Elixir for Another Season of Success

McQUADE HARBOR, Minn. – Just one semester shy of graduating from Northern Michigan University, Captain Parker Bambenek of Superior Pursuits was hit by a snowmobiler while ice fishing. That incident left Bambenek with two broken legs and a new outlook on life. “If someone wants to go tomorrow, they can give me a call right now,” said Bambenek. Captain Parker…

Duluth Antique Marketplace Attracting Dozens of Vendors

Duluth Antique Marketplace is Located at 5705 Grand Avenue in West Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s been known for years, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. With the popularity of shabby chic and repurposing these days one local business owner in Duluth is inviting everyone to experience the new age of antiquing. “We don’t have a lot of retail in West Duluth anymore,” said dealer Jeanne Koneczny. With customers coming in,…

New Coffee Shop Offers “Common Ground” in Cloquet

Common Ground Coffee Bar and Deli Invites People of all Ages, Race and Ethicity to Gather for Friendship, Games, Entertainment

CLOQUET, Minn. – When it comes to getting a cup of coffee we’re often in a rush, heading through the drive thru looking to grab and go. However, creators of a new coffee shop and deli in the City of Cloquet are looking to bring people together, creating common ground. “I think as a culture we’ve kind of gotten away…

Couture Floral Design in Duluth’s Woodland Neighborhood

Saffron and Grey is Located at 2303 Woodland Avenue in Duluth, Minnesota

DULUTH, Minn. – When you think of flowers, a special occasion probably comes to mind. Technology has since changed the way many of us order flowers, as it’s now easier than ever to go online, place an order and have it delivered. However, owners of one flower shop in Duluth are looking to keep as many orders as they can,…

Keeping Card and Comic Collecting Alive

Collector's Connection offers a Wide Variety of Nostalgic Comics, Cards, and More

DULUTH, Minn. – Chances are the sight of baseball or Pokémon cards bring back a few childhood memories for many. In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors, we’re taking a look at how the industry has grown as millennials move forward. “Back when I was growing up, sports cards were the big deal,” said Glen Booth, Manager at Collectors Connection in…

Grand Portage Lodge Gets Makeover

The Grand Portage Lodge and Casino Finished with Phase Two Renovations

GRAND PORTAGE, Minn. – One popular place along the North Shore is now prepared for played to try their luck once again. The Grand Portage Lodge and Casino is undergoing a three-phase project, opening a fresh chapter for its guests. It’s a popular place for thousands of visitors each year, no matter what season it is. Now, visitors will have…

Four Seasons Supper Club

A Finland Staple Filling Up Hungry Snowmobilers For Nearly 50 Years

It’s no secret, Northlander’s love their four seasons. However, for residents of Finland Minnesota the feeling means something a little different. Owner Bonnie Tikkanen says, “I love winter just as much as summer, except for when it gets way too cold. Nobody likes that too much.” Instead of a winter freeze or summer heat, think sizzling burgers and cold drinks….

KYN: New Chalet at Giants Ridge

Offers a Wide Variety of Foods, From Snacks, to Fine Dining

New restaurants, like Burnt Onion, are open at Giant’s Ridge and now, not only can you have a quick bite to eat after a day on the slopes, you can actually have a nice sit down steak dinner. And now, people are frequenting Giant’s Ridge, and it’s not just for the skiing. Hungry skiers and snowboarders make their way to…