Lake Place Park

Gichi-Ode’Akiing Park Receives Bright Upgrade

The stairway to Lake Superior got a makeover as part of a community collaboration Thursday

DULUTH, Minn.- The stairs over at Gichi-Ode-Akiing park in downtown Duluth are getting a makeover as part of a community collaboration. People of all ages, and races packed the stairway at Gichi-Ode’Akiing Park formally Lake Place Park Thursday afternoon to paint murals of fish and other animals to honor the Anishinaabe presence and their leader Chief Buffalo. Organizers say it’s…

Music for the Heart in the HART

Music in the HART concert series held through the month of August.

DULUTH, Minn.- Another concert sent music flowing through Duluth, originating somewhere you can only find on the Lakewalk. Throughout the month of August, the Gitchi-Ode Akiing, or Lake Place, Park along the Lakewalk will host the Music in the HART concert series. Five different bands will each play a day through August 29th and it is completely free to come…

Duluth Holds Inaugural Cold Front Celebration

The weekend celebration also includes more than 40 attractions, events and deals around town.

DULUTH, Minn. – What better way to embrace these chilly temperatures than with a celebration? Duluth’s largest coffee break took place at Lake Place Park as part of the first ever Cold Front Festival. It was hosted by the Greater Downtown Council and Duluth Coffee Company provided the hot coffee. Donations were also collected to help pay for restoring the…