Lincoln Park Community Center

Duluth Opens City’s First-Ever Permanent Warming Center in Lincoln Park

The facility in the basement of the Lincoln Park Community Center on West 3rd Street includes 3 showers and handicap-accessible restrooms

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth opened its first-ever permanent warming center Monday, located in Lincoln Park. While acknowledging the major step forward in bringing more people across the city inside from the cold, advocates said this new facility barely scratches the surface of housing the 600+ people without a permanent place to live in Duluth right now. “It is good to have…

Duluth Council Approves DEDA Reserve for Kozy Fix-Up, Funding Request for Lasting Warming/Hygiene Facility

A resolution calling for part of Duluth's CARES Act money for the multi-year warming center/hygiene facility, and one for DEDA's money in case a court orders action on the Kozy.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Monday the Duluth City Council unanimously passed two resolutions involving federal funding for a multi-year warming shelter and hygiene facility, and DEDA funding in case a court asks the city to work on the run-down Kozy Bar and Apartments Building. All councilors approved a resolution from Councilors Roz Randorf and Vice President Renee Van Nett calling for…