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Competitive Dancers Prepare for Competition Season

The workshop helps performers learn costume tips.

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Dance students at Sterling Silver studio are getting ready for the competition season. The studio held a make-up workshop, teaching competitive dance students how to get in full costume for their competitions. The girls are shown how to do their make-up and hair for the show. “All the hair styles and makeup are themed to fit into what…

Working in Winter Conditions

Many Northlanders face the cold everyday, are you doing what you can to avoid frostbite?

DULUTH, Minn.– This winter has been extremely cold so far in the Northland. While some are bundling up avoiding the outdoors others braving chilly temperatures at work. “It’s a battle but we’ve been through it before,” Krause Anderson Construction Mark Burdick said. Many workers around the Northland clock in, spending their workday outside in freezing temperatures.  One construction worker told…

Midday Update 12-27-17

Local News and Weather Headlines for Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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New Communication Tower Ensures Signal for Emergency Responders

The communications tower will help provide a signal that has caused issues for emergency responders in the past.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- A new communications tower will be built in the city of Superior, after to the approval from the state panel. The tower will be built near the intersection of Townline Road and Polish Road on county property. Officials said the signal in that area is spotty. The topography drop off towards the St. Louis River can cause signal problems…

Make Every Child Smile Toy Drive

The toy drive is open for any Northland family in need.

DULUTH, Minn.– Four days until Christmas and Northlanders are busy shopping, the second annual Make Every Child Smile Toy Drive ensures all families can shop. The event is put together by a local entrepreneur Mike Letica. Letica said a Facebook post last year took off and now the toy drive will be an annual event. This year hundreds of gifts…

Play Gym Provides Fun Space for Little Northlanders

The city of Duluth invites little Northlanders to a free space of their own.

DULUTH, Minn.-  Parents looking to give their kids a space to play and meet others their age can now stop by one local spot. The Duluth Heights Community Center is hosting Play Gym, a free time open to preschool aged kids and parents. The event welcomes Northland families to come in, enjoy a warm space, and spend some quality time. On goers told FOX21 Play…

How the Tax Reform Affects Northlanders

FOX21 spoke with a local financial expert to see how the tax reform will affect Northlanders

DULUTH, Minn.- How will this historic tax reform affect you? FOX21 checked in Barry Bigelow chief financial advisor with Great Waters Financial. Bigelow said the new tax cuts will lower rates in all seven brackets. For example couples who make under $90,000 will see a bit of a tax decrease. The largest cut will go to corporations. “The corporate tax…

Busy Holiday Travel in the Northland

The Duluth International Airport's main runaway is open just in time for holiday travel.

DULUTH, Minn.- This added snowfall is a sure sign a white Christmas is upon us in just five days and with that countdown comes the busy holiday travel. At the Duluth International Airport the main runway has been under construction for much of this year. Which forced planes to land on a much smaller runway, causing delays and diverted planes to…

Twin Ports Send Off Last Ocean Bound Vessel of Season

The last ocean going vessel is shipping out of the Twin Ports Tuesday night.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Beautrix will be the last ocean going vessel of the season to ship out of the Twin Ports. Tuesday night the Beatrix is loading spring wheat destined for the United Kingdom. So far this year nearly 700 vessels visited the Twin Ports. Northlanders will see plenty more ships coming in, but Beatrix is the last to head out…

Busy Season for Candy Shops

National Hard Candy Day is Celebrated on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Twin Ports – Candy lovers had the chance to splurge on their sweet tooth Tuesday. Tuesday, December 19 is National Hard Candy Day! The staff at Sweeden Sweets say now is one of their busiest times of the year with parents coming in the door looking for stocking stuffers and other sweet gifts to give. Hard candy first became popular…

Experts Warn Pets are More Than Presents

Experts warn Northlanders a lot of work and money goes into taking care of a pet.

DULUTH, Minn.- Seeing a puppy under a Christmas tree might be exciting but local veterinarians want to remind Northlanders, a pet is for life not just for Christmas. Experts told FOX21 gifting a pet as a surprise is not a responsible idea. The owner should be apart of the process by picking out a breed that fits their lifestyle. “What breed…

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Tradition and Competition in Northland

Do you have your ugly Christmas sweater picked out?

DULUTH, Minn.- Shops and homes around the Northland are dressed in the holiday spirit, another popular way to go all out this season is an ugly Christmas sweater. A shop manager told FOX21 ugly Christmas sweaters are a fun way to come together as a community. The decorative clothing are popular for holiday gatherings. “Some people have contests; to see…

The Duluth Bethel Receives Grant to Preserve History

The non-profit is asking the public to donate items in remembrance of the Bethel.

DULUTH, Minn.-  The Duluth Bethel has been serving the Twin Ports for 144 years, with the help of a state grant the non–profit is hoping to preserve its history. The Bethel received $7,650 grant from the Minnesota Historical Society. Now the non–profit is asking Northlanders to share their memories of the Bethel. The donations could include photographs, books, and recordings….

Little Northlanders Shop at Holly Jolly

The Holly Jolly Santa Shop helps Northland families put presents under the tree.

DULUTH, Minn.- Little Northlanders in Lincoln Park crossed off all the items off their holiday shopping list. The shoppers attended the 6th annual Holly Jolly Santa Shop at First Covenant Church in Duluth. With around 1,000 donated gifts, and the help of little elves, children go around.. picking out presents for their family. Coordinators said the annual event helps families in need…

APEX Donates Winter Gear to Working Students

Northland students are receiving hands on experience out in wintry conditions.

HERMANTOWN, Minn.-  Northland high school students are working on a construction project, but with the temperatures getting chillier a local group of business leaders are ensuring students have the necessities. Members of the Area Partnership for Economic Expansion donated winter gear to students in the construction technology program. The students are working in the Northland’s wintry conditions. The bibs, gloves and…

Dealing With Dementia During the Holidays

Experts told FOX 21 it's important for businesses and families to be aware and helpful.

DULUTH, Minn.-  Gathering with family during the holidays is exciting but can be hectic for those suffering with dementia. Experts told FOX 21 make sure your festive gathering is a safe space. Ensure that there is plenty of lighting and be supportive. “Being overwhelmed can cause them to have more issues, maybe being overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to remember…

Steps to Protect Elderly from Fraud

According to the Investor Protection Trust nearly one out of every five elderly American is the victim of fraud.

DULUTH, Minn.- Elderly Americans the ages 65 and up are estimated to be frauded out of nearly three billion dollars each year. To prevent this from happening to Northlanders, Hang Up On Fraud is the key message, the Minnesota Commerce Department wants Northlanders to remember. With families gathering for the holidays we tend to see our loved ones more giving…

Duluth Police Chief Releases Statement Regarding Protective Gear

This comes after concerned citizens spoke out at last night's city council meeting.

DULUTH, Minn.-  The Duluth Police Chief is pulling back on his plans to purchase $83,000 worth of riot gear. This comes after concerned citizens spoke out at last night’s city council meeting against the protective gear. Chief Mike Tusken heard those concerns has had a change in heart releasing the following statement. “I want to write to you today in…

Future of Duluth Municipal Golf Courses Unknown

The city says these challenges have no obvious or easy answers.

DULUTH, Minn.- The city of Duluth is questioning the future of the two municipal golf courses. The program is facing $ 2.2 million of debt and $12.7 million of deferred maintenance. The city says these challenges have no obvious or easy answers. Right now it is unsure if Duluth can support two 27 hole courses. “We in Duluth are facing…

District 709 Faces $1M in Projected Cuts

The District's top priority is protecting and preserving what happens in the classrooms.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth School District is facing more than one million dollars in projected budget cuts. The district is currently $400,ooo in the red. District officials tell us they only have around $100,000 left in reserve, which an only be used for specific operational needs. The district’s chief financial officer Doug Hasler told FOX21 the district is doing everything…

Fond Du Luth Casino Helping Keep Northlanders Warm

The Fond Du Luth Casino is close to their Salvation Army donation goal.

DULUTH, Minn.- Nearly 8,000 pairs of socks will keep Northlanders warm, thanks to the Fond Du Luth Casino. The casino is still gathering socks for the Salvation Army to reach their 10,000 pair goal. Last year the goal was exceeded with 12,000 pairs donated. On Monday a check was presented to help support other various projects the Salvation Army has…

Morning Update 12-11-17

Local News and Weather Headlines in the Northland

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Local Sheriff Department Welcomes Four-Legged Deputy

Wesson is the fourth dog to join the St. Louis County Sheriff Office.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn.- The St. Louis County Sheriff department welcomed a four legged officer to the force. The canine is named Wesson and he’s officially ready to help out in the streets. Officers said the new team member makes the force fully staffed. Wesson is a huge asset, one sergeant explained to FOX21 how dogs have a better sense…

Student Craft Show Gives Back to Local Families

The Holiday Craft Show has raised over $42,000 throughout the years.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Students at Cooper Elementary School are working to ensure local families have presents under the tree. The 14th annual Holiday Craft Show has raised $42,000 over the years. Fundraising is a school wide effort, each class creates a basket for the silent auction. Students also sell their holiday crafts. Teachers told FOX21 the event gives something to everyone….

Local Orthodontist Office asks Patients to Donate Toys

Carlson Orthodontics had patients donate toys rather than pay for the visit.

DULUTH, Minn.- It can be expensive to replace a lost or broken retainer, but a Duluth orthodontist office offered an alternative. This past year Carlson Orthodontics asked patients to bring in a present and write a story about their lost retainer in exchange for a brand new one. The presents are donated to the Duluth Police Department. “I think it’s good…

Construction Plans Set for Cloquet Avenue

City officials said lanes will remain open throughout the construction.

CLOQUET, Minn.- The construction plans for Cloquet Avenue are finalized, making it more pedestrian friendly. The two mile long stretch hasn’t been worked on in 20 years. The top two inches of the road will be replaced with new asphalt.  Improvements are planned for the sidewalk corners to be extended, at the intersection between 9th and 13th street. This will shorten the…

Rise in Impaired Driving During Holiday Season

Local law enforcement are cracking down on driving under the influence this holiday season.

DULUTH, Minn.-Last year in Minnesota 74 people died due to alcohol involved crashes, on Wednesday 74 holiday gifts were handed out at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The event is part of the Towards Zero Death Campaign. Local law officials walked students through field sobriety tests. When participants attempted to complete the tasks wearing the drunk simulation goggles, it put things perspective….