Madeline Island

FIRST Robotics Competition Season Kicks Off

Game reveal held at UMD with teams from across the Northland.

DULUTH, Minn.- The robotics season has officially begun, as Saturday high school robotics teams from across the Northland got a first look at their game for this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition. The Marshall Performing Arts Center Auditorium packed with anxious high school engineers waiting to see how they’ll have to design their robots this year. “Getting that experience and being…

A Celebration of Ashland’s Downtown Success

Ashland was recognized as one of the top six downtown areas in the entire state of Wisconsin

ASHLAND, Wis.- Ashland is being recognized as one of the best downtown communities in the entire state of Wisconsin. City leaders are praising the several new downtown developments that helped earn this recognition. Downtown’s are often an important part of a city, and Ashland is being highlighted as one of just six communities in the entire state for accomplishments related…

Man Finds 22-Year-Old Message in Bottle in Lake Superior

Bottle Surfaced After Massive Waves in October Storm

It’s a story of friendship made in a way that you just don’t hear about often, and a message that took more than two decades to be delivered It all started for Charles Nelson back in October when a storm sent massive waves crashing onto the shore on Madeline Island, taking out docks and beaches in the process. The next…