Marcus Cinema

DECC Parking to Double to $10 to Help Offset Maintenance Costs

DECC officials say it will help pay for on-going maintenance needs on the lots and ramps of the parking structure.

DULUTH, Minn.- Starting Tuesday, anyone parking at the DECC will have to pay double, as the rate will increase for the first time in 13 years. Parking at the DECC will now cost $10, up from $5 previously. The rate will also be $10 at Marcus Cinema, though you will still get reimbursed once you buy a movie ticket. DECC…

See a Movie, Save a Lion at Marcus Duluth Cinemas

Theater partners with Lake Superior Zoo to raise money to conserve lion.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Lake Superior Zoo partnered with Marcus Duluth Cinemas in capitalizing on the success of a new Disney movie for conservation efforts. $1 from any ticket purchased went towards the Lion Recovery Fund to help Lion conservation efforts. Since the first Lion King was released 25 years ago, half of Africa’s Lions have been lost and only 20,000…

See a Movie, Donate a Dollar Today at Marcus Duluth Cinema

The Fundriaser for the Lake Superior Zoo is Happening Wednesday, August 7

DULUTH, Minn. – Since The Lion King was released 25 years ago, we have lost half of Africa’s lions. Officials estimate only 20,000 remain. Disney and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) are now teamingĀ up to bring awareness to the declining lion population with their Protect the Pride campaign. Haley Hedstrom with the Lake Superior Zoo says the facility…