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Remembering ‘The Day the Music Died’: 60 Years After Buddy Holly

Armory Hosts Dance Party in Tribute to Winter Dance Party 1959

DULUTH, Minn.- 60 years ago singer Buddy Holly, and several other musicians, were killed in a fatal plane crash. A day that became known as “The Day the Music Died.” Just days earlier, Holly and his fellow music men performed in Duluth. So on Sunday the Duluth Armory celebrated his life, and the music of the 50s. “Your kisses lift…

Duluth Armory Getting Revamped

Restoration and Redevelopment Underway

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s housed the who’s who in 20th century music and culture, including Buddy Holly, in one of his final performances before his death. That performance was watched by Bob Dylan, inspiring him to pursue his own music career. The Duluth Armory has sat unused for over a decade, now plans are in motion to bring it back. Redevelopment…