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Northland Prepares for First Widespread Snowfall

Preparation began earlier than usual for the Minnesota Department of Transportation

DULUTH, Minn.- As the Northland prepares for its first widespread significant snowfall of the season, the preparation began earlier than usual fro the Minnesota Department of Transportation. MnDOT isn’t the only one preparing. Local businesses selling snow removal equipment have seen an up-tick in business. The day for MnDOT was spent preparing their trucks for what could be a long…

Hardware Stores Trying to Keep Up as Salt and Shovels are Selling Quickly

"Actually the warehouse where get it from ran out because so much salt is being sold."

DULUTH, Minn. – Today, hardware stores are busy with people coming in to buy winter supplies. Fox 21 stopped by Marshall hardware on East Superior Street. Quite a few different types of shovels and bags of salt have been selling very quickly. Patrons are also purchasing space heaters and even heat tape to warm up the pipes in their homes….

Winter Flurries Make Hardware Stores Hurry to Stock Winter Supplies

Menard's and Marshall Hardware Gear Up

DULUTH, Minn.-As Lord Stark from Game of Thrones warned, “winter is coming” to the Northland. So snowplows, salt, and shovels are now headed to store shelves, waiting for their big debut. Regardless of how much snow actually falls this month, it’s still a sign that winter is on the horizon, a sign Northlanders know all too well. So they turn to…