Martin Road

Volunteer Snowmobile Trail Groomer In Need of Repair or Replacement

The only groomer tackling trails in East Duluth and up the North Shore is out of service.

DULUTH, Minn.- The only snow groomer working on snowmobile trails in East Duluth is out of commission and in need of repair. While grooming the trails, the Duluth Drift-Toppers Snowmobile Club’s machine encountered an engine failure. Now the motor has to be redone, in order to keep the trails used by snowmobilers, fat-tire bikers, and hikers smooth and clean. The…

Authorities Investigating Duluth Window and Door Business

Customers paid about $100,000 but didn't get the services they paid for.

DULUTH, Minn.- If you feel you haven’t gotten the service you paid for from local business: Hicks Window and Door, you are asked to contact the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s office and Duluth Police are investigating the business, located on Martin Road in Duluth. According to authorities, several people reported paying thousands for window and other home…