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First Winter Storm Breaks Duluth Snow Records & Brings Blizzard Conditions To The Northland.

High Winds Pound The Lake Shores And Flood Roadways

The first Winter Storm of the 2017/18 season has arrived! Duluth accumulated 10.6 inches of snow on Friday, making it the snowiest October day on record! The previous record was 10 inches on Oct. 23, 1933. Here are the highest accumulations in Minnesota. The snowfall isn’t over just yet, as the Lake Effect snow machine is kicking into gear this…

High Waves Batter The South Shore

Gale Warnings & Storm Warning Issued Today From High Waves

ONTANOGAN, Mich. — The strong winds created giant waves on Lake Superior on Tuesday, battering the south shore. Gale Warnings and Storm Warning were issued on the lake. Winds were sustained out of the north at 25-30mph with gusts up to 45mph over land. Over the lake they were sustained at 30-40mph with gusts up to 60mph at times. This…

Northland Fall Colors From A Helicopter’s Perspective & Tours

Lake Superior Helicopters Took Us High Into The Sky On A Helicopter Tour Of The Twin Ports & Jay Cooke State Park

DULUTH, Minn – Flying High For Fall Colors! It’s a busy time of year at Lake Superior Helicopters as many people head up in the sky to the fall colors. As billions of trees pop yellow, red and orange against green pines, a unique perspective of the Northland’s changing terrain and lake, make flying high in the sky something special….

Klockow Brewery Brings Local Craft Beer To Grand Rapids

A New Brew Pub Is Set To Open Saturday, October 28th, 2017.

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. —¬†Kegs are tapped as brand new Klockow Brewery will begin pouring on Saturday, October 28th. The idea for this brewery came about when the Klockow family kept visiting family in Grand Rapids, with no other local brew pub in the area, they decided that that they needed one and they were going to open it. The owner…

Walk With Walker Returns To Northland

Spreading The Message Of Health And Fitness In A Nature Trail Walk With The Public

CABLE, Wis. — The “Walk with Walker” campaign is once again in the Northland. It’s goal is to spread the message of health and fitness throughout the state. For the 61st time, many people walked along side First Lady Tonette Walker Wednesday morning. The walk took place on the North Country Trail, which is the longest in the nation. They…

Duluth Trails Closed From Excessive Rain

COGGS Trails Close To Avoid Damage By Ruts In The Clay Mud

DULUTH, Minn. — With the recent rainy weekend dumping 1-5″ inches of rain across the Northland, its puddled up and left soggy and muddy trails, forcing them to close. According to the cyclists of the Gitchee Gumee Shores, when you put your footprint or bike tire through the goopy mud, the imprint leaves a lasting mark. The rut catches water…

Saturday August 5, 2017, Morning Forecast

Sunshine To Start, Afternoon Stray Showers & Storms

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Friday August 4, 2017, Evening Forecast

Pop Up Storms End, Northern Lights Tonight

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Celebrating The Last Two Harbors Kayak Festival & Race

After 20 Years The Two Harbors Kayak Festival Comes To An End

TWO HARBORS, MINN – The Two Harbors Kayak Fest is paddling on to new adventures. This will be the last of the annual fests that have been going on for 20 ¬†years. “We are down to 40 racers this year from a high of 120. Sponsorship is down. I think it’s just after 20 years people decide they are going…

Surviving The Boundary Waters Severe Weather

Meteorologist Brittney Merlot Takes Us Deep Into The Vast Wilderness When The Weather Turns Severe.

Meteorologist Brittney Merlot takes us back into some remote Boundary Waters locations that were in the direct path of severe weather. While talking to two survivors of the 1999 and 2016 blow down that brought 70-80mph winds through the wilderness and how they survived. “On my way to the lake a very large trees went over and it went over…

Monday July 7, 2017, Evening Forecast

Severe Weather Potential Late Tomorrow Night

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