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At Rest, At Last

Sgt. Rufus Ketchum Buried in Calvary Cemetery

Superior, WI-┬áThe bugle plays, mourning for this long overdue military funeral. Sergeant Rufus Lloyd Ketchum, being laid to rest 68 years after his death. Full military honors for this army veteran, surrounded by a crowd, who’s size is a testament to the sacrifice he made. ‘I’ve seen military funerals before, but never one of this magnitude,” said Sgt. Jeremy Walworth,…

Special Report: Final Farewells

Rural Northland Towns Struggle to Staff Honor Guards

DULUTH, Minn. – The end of a life can be one of the hardest experiences for a family to get through. The presentation of military honors at a veteran’s funeral can give that last bit of pride to the deceased. Unfortunately, across America, there is a struggle to keep honor guards staffed, and it’s even harder in rural areas. “They…