Minnesota Food Access Summit

Minnesota Food Justice Summit Brings Diverse Farmers to Talk Equality

Summit runs Monday through Wednesday at the DECC.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Minnesota Food Justice Summit packed the DECC with farmers, food buyers, and other members of Minnesota’s food system to focus on making the way Minnesota gets its food equal to all. Summit officials say that due to redlining, or denying services to residents or specific neighborhoods, mostly based on race, has made it hard for black, indigenous,…

Solving the Healthy Food Access Issue

The Minnesota Food Access Summit discusses local issues, to make healthy food more available.

DULUTH, Minn.- Minnesotans working to change the flow of food through laws, policies, and systems are meeting this week. The Minnesota Food Access Summit brings together around 550 individuals from different fields, aiming to solve the issue of healthy food access. “When you have an opportunity to work with different sectors, it really helps you expand and creatively think of…