Minnesota Health Department

Newly Funded Program Helping Families

The Healthy Families America Program provides services for at-risk families.

CLOQUET, Minn.-  A 2.1 million dollar award is helping families receive in-home help with pregnancy and parenting. The Healthy Families America Program provides services for first-time mothers, at-risk families such as parents dealing with domestic abuse, substance abuse or those dealing with mental illness.  Through the program, medical professionals visit family’ homes providing practical health services and parenting support. “It’s working…

Talking the Topic of Suicide

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DULUTH, Minn.- A startling report by the center of disease control shows the rates of suicide of increased by 40% in Minnesota over the last 18 years. Suicide is a serious issue and with free public resources, it can be prevented. But suicide needs to be talked about, when talking with children suicide needs to be discussed in an age-appropriate…

Fentanyl Deaths Rise in Minnesota

There Were 172 Synthetic Opioid Deaths in 2017

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The number of people who died from the synthetic opioid fentanyl surged in 2017. A preliminary report released Monday by the Minnesota Health Department says there were 172 deaths involving synthetic opioids in 2017. A total of 156, or 91 percent, of those deaths listed fentanyl as a contributing factor. The number of overall synthetic opioid deaths…